A Promise [Akatsuki No Yona Fan-Fic] (ON HOLD!!!)

A Promise [Akatsuki No Yona Fan-Fic] (ON HOLD!!!)

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Lunama Hana By LunamaHana Updated Feb 04

"I've been with him as much as I can remember... but I guess he doesn't like me. But that's okay. Even if the person he likes is not me... then I'm happy for him. As long he's happy... then I, too shall be happy. I have no regrets.... I figure that love is beautiful, but that "beautiful" can go into pain and aches. I... really am... too young what love is... but I promise him... that I'll stay by his side forever. I also made a promise for myself too. My promise... is my love to him..."                                                                                                                                                           ~ Mee-Yon  

        They say that promises are words to keep, but what if you broke it? Would you be forgiven? Would you regret it? What other option could you say? "A promise is a promise. You shall keep it whatever the cost". Is that all you could 'think' about? Don't you think, there's something "more" to put this word into great used?

Disclaimer: I do not own Akatsuki No Yona! Belongs to the right owners would created the anime and the manga itself! SO AGAIN, I DO NOT OWN AKATSUKI NO YONA!!!!

Cover Credit Created By Lightning2024 (Thank you very much on making on the cover! :D)

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Althemia_ Althemia_ Jun 01
The word Eden reminds me of the city of Eden from 7th dragon code VFD is it a reference? 😅 just asking, sorry if it's not.
So, it's like drinking lemonade with a blindfold on, wondering if it's plain lemonade or pink lemonade.
Cerberus_SV Cerberus_SV Jun 08, 2016
I know this is random but when I looked at the story cover I saw a girl then Shin-ah on the right but then I see Ao munching on food with a happy face and I laughed immediately. The cover is so intense then there is a squirrel eating food XD
GoddessOfPhones GoddessOfPhones Apr 13, 2016
The only ninetails I know is of Pokemon. ._. Nothing more nothing less.
-medli- -medli- Jan 25, 2016
This kinda reminds me of mufasa's death and wen simba tried to wake him up
julissa0751 julissa0751 Dec 30, 2015
Who us the song by n what is it cashed it's really good n I want to play it on my flute to😊