Bad Apple

Bad Apple

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Amber By fireflying505 Completed

Having famous parents doesn't mean having an easy life. After their marriage breaks down, Cady gets the choice of leaving her home in the UK for New York. When more complications happen in the form of a secret romance, she can’t wait to start a new life in the states. But it seems that drama follows the bad apple even in the big apple...

Some of this is set in Birmingham in England and some is set in NY, based on my one short visit there. I'm an English writer so I use English spelling and probably phrases. I don't know that much about America beyond research and my time there so feel free to point out any inaccuracies.

Cover photograph is from Edited by me.
Thanks for reading!

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Angel_lady139 Angel_lady139 Mar 07, 2013
I LOVE YOUR COVER!!! ITS SO EYE CATCHING! And ahem ahem yeah, becak to the plot... I like the way you started it off to be honest :) I would love to have celebrities in my home and a LARGE cake! Why is she complaining?!!
adulate_ adulate_ Mar 07, 2013
First off I really like your cover and I think you have a lovely concept going on here and I think this is a really good start and I like how descriptive you have made your story :)
affable_ affable_ Mar 07, 2013
This chapter was so good! I already starting to like Candace! I can already picture the life-sized Barbie doll.....Moving on! It was free from any grammatical errors which is good! Keep up the good work! Oh, and I voted :)
MaddieMJF MaddieMJF Feb 28, 2013
I love the name Cadence! She seems like a brat though! This story seems really good! I can see myself reading it in the future because it is well written and flows well!
kissing-in-neverland kissing-in-neverland Feb 24, 2013
Oh wow this was really really good. I really like the way that Cadence thinks. Having the story in her point of view, even for the first chapter, is awesome. I loved this story so far! Reading on :)
SabrinaBrandon SabrinaBrandon Feb 22, 2013
I am not normally a fan  of teen fiction, but your opening chapter is very well written.  I think I agree with James, your girl is spoiled and shoul appreciate the effort her parents did make. It will be interesting to see if James turns out to be her love interest.