A Long And Dreary Autumn Mpreg Book 2 The Four Seasons Series

A Long And Dreary Autumn Mpreg Book 2 The Four Seasons Series

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Wolfy By Wolf_Fire_Ice Updated Aug 20, 2017

Lovely cover made by Colouredchrome!!!

{Sequel to a summer to never forget}

It's been eighteen months since the whole fiasco with Vincent happened and Keelan is feeling a little home sick. He has been stationed near the Northern border with the Cougar Clan where Ryan Rigby, the Cougar Clan Alpha in the making is constantly harassing him. Even though he had made it quite clear to Ryan he's not interested, Ryan says he's playing hard to get. Something he likes, he likes a challenge, and especially since Keelan told him he had a mate. That makes Ryan even more fired up and determined to get him, even though Keelan's a lion and Ryan a cougar. As a last ditch effort to get rid of him he had made a bet with Ryan; if his mate wouldn't mark or mate with him before the autumn is over, he would accept Ryan as his mate. For Keelan knows that his mate is out there, he just needs to find him or her.

Try as he might, the almighty Alpha King; Valentino Kabir can't deny the mating bond he feels when Keelan return back to the Pack Lands for a short visit to his family. He's outraged when he learns about Keelan's bet with that troublesome cougar. As if that wasn't enough his mother demands that he finds a mate, with or without a mate bond. Deciding that enough is enough he claims Keelan as his, all consequents be damned.

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yasholovescats yasholovescats Feb 06, 2016
I'm so confused wasn't the alpha king his father? And I thought that in 
                               the first book it was said that dillan was keelan's mate and that was why he was following him around?
KaySetonks KaySetonks Nov 07, 2015
So now the fun begins, the animal side and the alpha king know theybare mated so that just leave keelan unawares!  Always slightly out of the loop!
KaySetonks KaySetonks Nov 07, 2015
So hello again keelan, life still not going too smoothly for you is it!    He sounds a bit like a overpowering bully your going to have your hands full!      See what the alpha king has to say!
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Sep 12, 2015
Oh, wow, the last Alpha King is um, in denial, very much in denial......I love that Keelan, is Valentino's mate this should get good!!
MaddHatter92 MaddHatter92 Mar 02, 2015
reminds me of my mama! she was always had a never ending supply of tissues at the ready! lol
MaddHatter92 MaddHatter92 Feb 25, 2015
@Wolf_Fire_Ice  I know I will! I was hooked just from the description.