Love Approach

Love Approach

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YOUR FAB DUO By hamynimz Updated Dec 18, 2012

Someone is watching her and she knows that its not the eyes of god that wants to burn her with "its" gaze. "Game on" The person muttered evilly as "it" watched the little girl clutching her teddy bear as if her life depended on it. "We will meet soon...and it will be surprising..for you" it chuckled darkly as it threw it's head back and sighed satisfactorily. 
Who knew that a dark headed girl who was always a happy-go-lucky-girl be thrown to a world where it only consisted of 'games' and she the pawn?

Who would have known that she would be the source of entertainment of the person who not only wants her but kill her at the same time? Who knew that a grey-eyed boy would get her attention when 'she' never received a proper affection for the last 12 years where she was taken away?

Is it love that approaches her?
Or is it just another game where she's just the puppet?

find out more here in "love approach"

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librocubii librocubii Jan 12, 2013
I like the story idea! But sometimes your grammar is off. Like "heart beat started beating" instead of "heart started beating". And "a voice came making me aware that it was a man's voice". That sounds kind of off to me? I dunno about you lol. But anyway besides that I liked reading this :D
hamynimz hamynimz Dec 20, 2012
Bahah you won't be saying that when you see my amazing one :D one sec I'll upload it !
hamynimz hamynimz Dec 20, 2012
hey! <_>! I like my cover thank u very much, I've worked hard on it and i find it suitable for my story:P
hamynimz hamynimz Dec 20, 2012
Hamna this is pretty good :D
                              But the cover mehh:O ill make a new one
mynx97 mynx97 Dec 18, 2012
it is good! The plot seems interesting and its so mysterious! I'm loving it already so vote gal:)
lafloresitaa lafloresitaa Dec 14, 2012
Omigosh that dude is jerky. What the heck was with him? Can't wait to read more so UPLOAD!!!! =D<3<3