Experiencing Percabeth

Experiencing Percabeth

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Title says it all. A series of oneshots and random fluff and cute adventures for a loving couple and an adorable ship. Spoilers are present in some of these oneshots. 

I don't own any of these characters created by Rick Riordan. 

Completed. 29 parts, 28 different stories. 


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pjo_bookgirl123 pjo_bookgirl123 Aug 13, 2017
Percabeth is so cute also Tangled is like one of my favorite Disney movies
Bluecoke16 Bluecoke16 Sep 01, 2017
This is what I do with my boyfriend 
                              HA YOU THOUGHT IM SINGLE
lolaizgr8 lolaizgr8 Jan 03, 2017
                              Eheheheh sorry major Aphrodite fan girl showing. But this literally describes my life. Honestly it's completely PERCABETH FOREVAH!!!!
Grace-The-Fangirl Grace-The-Fangirl Jun 25, 2016
That's me and my dad
                              "I love you"
                              "I love you more"
                              "I love you the most"
                              "I love you the most-est"
                              "I love you most-ly"
                              "I love you more than you love me"
                              And so on
Pixie_Witch Pixie_Witch Jun 21, 2016
Lucky him Annabeth doesn't kick as reflex when she's tickled. Yes, it's possible. I do it.
- - Nov 05, 2016
Imagine your OTP~
                              Person A: "Love you." 
                              Person B: "Love you more" 
                              Person A: "Love you most" 
                              Person B: "Not possible" 
                              Person A: "Yes possible"