I'm Done (Naruto Fanfic)

I'm Done (Naruto Fanfic)

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CARTER By noaixh Updated Oct 04, 2017

What is wrong with me? 
Why do people ALWAYS hurt me?
How come no one cares for me?
Will I ever be loved? 
Nobody in this village gives me a second chance. 
All they see is a monster.

These thoughts were always in Naruto's head since he was 8. He never knew what love or friendship is other than the Third Hokage or other wise Jii-San. 

He never understood the beatings he would get from the shinobi and citizens of Konoha he receives daily.

All he knew, was that he was a..Monster...

That word haunts him. Day. and Night. All he wants to be is excepted but he knows he'll never get that...In this village.

All he knows is that he is leaving. Until he comes back.

But All He says is.

I'm. Done.

Please read this book and support! Sorry for the description I am trying to get better at this! I hope you give this book a chance! Lots of Love!

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animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Nov 05, 2017
animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Nov 06, 2017
Kurama you better get your lazy ass up and help Naruto! And y’all *turns to Kakashi and Itachi* best be on your way to help Naruto, and I won’t take your excuses if you’re late, Kakashi.
animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Nov 06, 2017
Your husband? Did y’all get divorced then remarried again? And what does that have to do with the Kyūbi attack? Y’all, check how it sounds in your head before you say it out loud.
AkaneShiro AkaneShiro Apr 04, 2017
Kurama i swear if you don't help you I will rip out your vocal chords
animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Nov 06, 2017
*slowly walks out of room with weapons behind back*
                              Naruto: Where ya going?
                              Me: Just to take care of some ‘business’ 
                              Naruto: ...okay 
                              Me: *goes to murder everyone who hurt Naruto*
animefanatic416 animefanatic416 Nov 06, 2017
Y’all, just a simple ‘you-should-probably-do-this’ suggestion. GET YOUR DAMN FACS STRAIGHTTTTT