Merlin's Apprentice

Merlin's Apprentice

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DragonGirl6375 By DragonGirl6375 Updated Dec 10, 2012

When Merlin starts hunting for an apprentice, Selah feels she's just the girl for the job. But living in a time when women were frowned upon, she fears she will never be able to be the apprentice Merlin desires. Chosen for her skills, she begins to learn the ways of magic, but dark secrets from a time long past reside within her, and she advances far quicker than should be possible. With Merlin becoming more and more suspicious, Selah takes what little magic she knows and flees, fearing the worst. Finding a long lost friend who once helped her in days of old,she learns of a plot to end the reign of King Arthur and through the kingdom into chaos. Unable to return to Merlin, Selah is on her own to save her world, but will she be able to in time?

Gabriel has been living a relatively quiet life for seven years now, at least, as quiet a life as a street urchin can live. When a girl falls out of the sky and lands right in front of him, telling him of a conspiracy to kill the king, he feels compelled to tag along, but this girl is the strangest he's ever met, and her companion is a cantankerous fire-breathing lizard with scales of the bluest hue he's ever seen. Refusing to back down, he continuously tries to prove his skill, but the girl seems focused on one thing only: Saving Camelot. Will she ever have time for something else? Or is this all she lives for?

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