Distract and Sedate H.S

Distract and Sedate H.S

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derailedthoughts By derailedthoughts Completed

A psychologist is handed the case of an alcoholic father who is concerned for his young daughter and her abnormal shyness. The four year old has been suffering social anxiety since her mother left.

The child specialist is astounded by the love that bonds the two despite his seemingly cold and heartless way of treating others. So much so, she finds herself compelled to look further into their untold story, far beyond what is required of her.

And in doing so, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

warning: will contain mature content of various natures.
all rights reserved to @derailedthoughts.

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CreationsOfTheMind CreationsOfTheMind Aug 03, 2017
Even though I'm not a fan of 1D this broke my heart so bad that it made me punch a bag with cuo in noodles in it. I almost hit Yas. The top of the cup is damaged a bit. But it isn't broken. I hit something else too but i can't tell what it was.
HarrysFool HarrysFool May 13, 2016
I'm intrigued. Great writing style. I'm already broken by his despair.
sugarcoateddonut sugarcoateddonut Jul 31, 2016
The writing is so beautiful. It's only the start and I already fell in love. You're really good xx
inactivethanks inactivethanks Dec 12, 2015
I love how you write with good descriptions and word choice:)
secret_rendezvous secret_rendezvous Nov 29, 2015
I like your writing style, it's so mature and descriptive :)
harry-styless harry-styless Jul 03, 2015
This beginning is excellent it really draws in the reader and with the tension you created it allows us too really ponder about what will happen next. I love it xx