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에밀리 By emileave Updated Oct 17

Highest rank- #1 in werewolf

WARNING: this book is discontinued (I'm writing this because I was told I was being unfair to people -not my problem- buuuuuut) yeah I'm not writing anymore. 

Although, I have been told that the first 14 chapters are very good ;) so. read if ya like. 

Don't complain. I don't do complaining.  

Copy right shit. Yada yada. Who even cares.

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Same girl same (like for real I only go to school and back )
The actually Korean girl here wondering if any of you are actually Korean.
Steph101 Steph101 Jul 03, 2016
Ran away love ran away. The solution to all your problem when faced with them RUN THE HELL AWAY.
silverwolfcub silverwolfcub Jul 30, 2016
As opposed to a peace loving killer?
                              - Jace Herondale, The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones
That-Seahawk-Chick That-Seahawk-Chick Nov 06, 2016
How did she figure out her wolfs name even though it's an animal and all it can do it growl.
LEEKwang_Ja LEEKwang_Ja Oct 06, 2016
I always look at the pictures before reading a story and I just saw K-pop!!!😍😍😱😍😱😱😘😘