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에밀리 By emileave Updated Aug 23, 2015

Highest rank- #1 in werewolf

WARNING: this book is discontinued (I'm writing this because I was told I was being unfair to people -not my problem- buuuuuut) yeah I'm not writing anymore. 

Although, I have been told that the first 14 chapters are very good ;) so. read if ya like. 

Don't complain. I don't do complaining.  

Copy right shit. Yada yada. Who even cares.

Hahaha bitch you stupid but who knows it probably be one day were someone made him mad and he will end up hurting her......but you know you never know........😐😑😐😑😐*blinks with striaght face* You know as you can see💁💁💁💁
Omg bts 😍 They are in the Philippines right now! #TeamBahay
Same girl same (like for real I only go to school and back )
Steph101 Steph101 Jul 03, 2016
Cristiano Ronaldo oh my gosh I think I just melted. He is so sexy. Legit the only reason I still keep up with soccer.
teeeee_leeee teeeee_leeee Jul 22, 2016
Are you a parking ticket? ..... cause you got fine, fine, fine written over it.