Chasing Ever After [Last to Chasing The Moments] *HIATUS*

Chasing Ever After [Last to Chasing The Moments] *HIATUS*

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Chasing Ever After [Last to Chasing The Moments]

Louis has been gone for a few months since New Year's Eve after finding Harry drunk and about to sleep with Emma. Though, with her out of the picture for good, he still isn't convinced to come back to the band―especially Harry as he feels betrayed by the one he truly loved.
He sets off to find love.
Modest! Management employ new people as Roger got fired―Paul is back to guard the lads along with a few other men, considering the boys can't stay in one place altogether. They prepare for the tour and eventually take off to go all over the world. The lads are still not allowed to be with one another in public though both couple from the band are over so, Simon thought everything would stay quiet for a while.
Danielle and Liam face their own problems that roll around the engagement as Liam tried to comfort Harry―along with the others lads as he puts himself in the middle, surrounded by their problems―he realizes that the younger lad seems to be forgetting a few things here and there―maybe his amnesia once more?
As the boys face themselves, their fears, darker secrets, prison, stupid meaningless tattoo's and coming out to the public they realize that all of it isn't as easy as it should have. Modest! is ready to do whatever it takes to make these guys their own puppets as they pry Simon away from the band.

Will the lads ever get a break? Will they ever get what they deserve? Most of all―will they finally get a happy ending?  

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tmhnoui tmhnoui Jun 12, 2014
HOLY FUCKK!!!!! I don't know if I'm ready for this.............
larrystylinson2610 larrystylinson2610 Mar 10, 2014
I just wanna quickly say that I haven't read anything yet and this is about the description thing at the start. I THOUGHT THEY DELT WITH MODEST!? I THOUGHT THEY COULD COME OUT NOW AND THEY WERE GONNA STOP CONTROLLING THEM LIKE THAT
lovecookie5 lovecookie5 Aug 05, 2013
LOVE IT!! one of my favourite books<3 please continue becouse you have a gift in writting and i cant wait to read more!
toothae toothae Jul 14, 2013
Honestly the best book ive ever read . Everything well structured and beautifully written . This should be published ! :)
- - Jul 10, 2013
UMMMMMMMMMMM I usually use proper grammar and spelling but screw that. I CAAANNNTT WAAIIIITTTTTTT
CleaMaeLorcaSanap CleaMaeLorcaSanap Jul 10, 2013
Mate, you keep me on waiting. But i cant blame you. I will wait. and i know Harry will be the one who will chase Louis this time. Good luck Haz.;)