At the Seams

At the Seams

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The Mad Mack By TheMadMack Completed

Mary cannot move. She cannot blink or swallow or ask for help. To the real world, she appears to sleep. But she is very much awake and aware of the torture she must endure.

Mary suffers from a nightmarish condition—Locked-In Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder resulting from a rather ordinary bump on the head. 

She struggles within the rotting gulag that was once her body. She strives to get help from her husband, Sam. But what can he do for her, when all of advanced medicine knows little about healing the human brain?

Every second is an eon. She is alone--or is she? Who owns the voice that speaks within the echoing chambers of her consciousness? The voice claims to help. But is it just another demon born of her personal hell?

Can she hope to survive her new, brutal reality? Will her own wiles carry her intact through the experience? Or will her sanity crumble at the seams?

  • control
  • death
  • dying
  • madness
  • mccor282
  • philosophy
  • philosphy
  • psychology
  • psytchology
  • trapped
ZahiraJ ZahiraJ Feb 15, 2013
@TheMadMack True, but there are different types of books some are fluff, some are gems. Thats what I meant :D
TheMadMack TheMadMack Feb 15, 2013
@ZahiraJ LOL no such thing as a "wrong book!" But I'm glad you found it unique and exciting. Thanks for taking your time to read it ;)
TheMadMack TheMadMack Dec 19, 2012
@jdmotaku LOLOL!! ROFL! Are there any others I've missed? Thanks, man :) But honestly, any piece of writing has room for improvement. I know you've read published works and picked up on errors ;) If you have any recommendations at all, I'd love to hear them :) Off to your story!
jdmotaku jdmotaku Dec 19, 2012
If your writing isn't as good as your editing, then you must be god. This is truly amazing! There were no errors, everything was perfectly clear, absolutely brilliant!
TheMadMack TheMadMack Dec 16, 2012
@Barksdale01 Thanks Barksdale! Anything more useful? There's always something that can be done to improve a work-- did you see anything you didn't like? What did you like? I will give the same attention to yours, I promise!
KaylaKrantz KaylaKrantz Dec 14, 2012
This is amazingly written. I saw no errors here, the only thing I would suggest is to add a few more commas :)
                              otherwise, amazing job!