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(Glen) Cocoa By cocoapebbles Updated Jun 08, 2017

Obsession [Noun] - The domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. 

Or, in which Elijah King can't seem to take no for an answer.

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MamiGyal MamiGyal Jan 16
Kianat4 Kianat4 May 18, 2017
Same especially green tea mmmm. I love coffee though lmao but i woupd choose tea over coffee and day
babyauthorafrica babyauthorafrica May 29, 2017
Ah, not in a relationship with a white guy at the moment but I'm hoping got one. This is a thank you for Incase u actual date a white guy
babyauthorafrica babyauthorafrica May 29, 2017
It's actually night time right now, and I might be going to school tomorrow 😂😂
Xela211 Xela211 Sep 24, 2017
Umm 😐 her name is Bonnie get it right. Don’t act like she didn’t tell you
JKaos13 JKaos13 Sep 08, 2016
Well it'll still be consider a "Preface" as much in english as in french "Préface".