Danny Phantom Harry Potter

Danny Phantom Harry Potter

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Kate-Louise By KatieLouiseCrutcher Updated Oct 19, 2016

Danny Phantom a fourteen year old boy who was going to Hogwarts school where which and wizards go to at first he didn't believe the older man named Professor Dumbledore who was the Headmaster of the school but when the Professor showed Danny proof he believed him he is a wizard and a older brother of Harry Potter.

He's on a train on his way to Hogwarts he sighed as he looked at his new wand which was a chestnut hair 3 inches at the end has a green thick string tied around it and has a little tail sticking out when Danny first got his wand it felt warm inside of his body for Danny he saw little green and light blue sparkles floating around him. 

"That is your wand Mr. Potter." The wand owner store said to Danny. 

He pulled out his letter from Professor McGonagall when he read the letter. 

Dear Mr. Potter, 
We are pleased that you will be going to Hogwarts where wizards and witches to learn magic please let us know by September 1st.

Professor McGonagall..

"Hello?" A voice said Dann...

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Yup, another update would be nice, but we can't rush you, can we?