The Huntress' Name (sequel to The Huntress)

The Huntress' Name (sequel to The Huntress)

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With their old identities behind them, Eliza and James have left the country. They have decided to travel to Europe and hide out as they wait for things among The Organization to settle. 

While abroad, they discover the European branch of the very group they were fleeing from. They soon find out things don't work in the same way across the pond, and Eliza and James find themselves in danger again. But is the danger from perceived friend or foe?

Can the duo accomplish what they set out to do, or will the dangers of their lives and unseen forces tear them apart? Is the bond as strong as they think, or can one wrong move make everything around them crumble?

Find out in The Huntress' Name

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jaynelle16 jaynelle16 Jul 25, 2017
Earth to liza... he's been waiting a couple minutes for u to stop staring and say it back
MeghanLena_ MeghanLena_ Feb 09
😭😂 jealousy makes you do some wild ish man 😂😂😂
BR0K3N_ENGL1SH BR0K3N_ENGL1SH Mar 07, 2016
I would have thought she would have seen it sooner… I mean unless she is totaly blind…
AlwaysMindlessDesha AlwaysMindlessDesha Apr 08, 2016
U know, ......there is a poem about Westminster bridge.. Its called sonnet composed upon Westminster bridge..*looks around**byyyyye*
BlackJag BlackJag Sep 05, 2016
Did she change her hair style? Hair color? Get colored contacts? Style of clothes? Habits?
Lady_Nae Lady_Nae Jun 04, 2016
Must've been some mighty funny directions she was asking for. Can't remember the last time I had a good laugh over someone asking me for directions