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My High School Badboy

My High School Badboy

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Lolololipop By lolololipop Updated Mar 30, 2016

Sienna Carter is moving to Lakeview High School for her Senior year.
She isn't a good girl or a bad girl. She is a sarcastic, 'don't take shit from anyone' kind of girl.
She loves cheerleading.
If there's anything she hates, it's a$$holes who think they are all it.

Aidan Ryder rules Lakeview High School. 
He is the definition of a Greek God, Bad Boy, Player etc.
Boys want to be him and Girls want him.
He loves football.
Him and his best mates are inseparable and treated like Gods.
He is also the leader of a gang.   

Sienna's childhood best friends are Izzy and Isaac (twins). Izzy and Isaac moved to Lakeview at the start of high school and now, Sienna is going to join them for her Senior year.

What happens when Isaac is one of Aidan's best mates ? 
What happens when Sienna catches Aidan's eye ?
What happens when one of Aidan's best mate likes Sienna ?

Throw in Parties, Bets, Pranks, Gang Fights, Truth or Dares, Shocks & Heartbreaks - Could you get love ?
This isn't just any cliché, this is the mother and father of all clichés.

Warning :
There are swearing and sexual contents in this book, so read at your own risk ;)

*Copyright All Rights Reserved - This book belongs to Lolololipop and any duplication or reproduction of any parts of this book, without explicit permission by the author, is illegal.*

Previously known as 'Want Me Bad Boy ?!?'

allyhenson_ allyhenson_ Apr 03
My momma wouldn't let me walk out like that and neither would my dad he'd probably ask me if I was going to a bar instead tf
xMelikeex3 xMelikeex3 Mar 26
It is very nice, but I wouldn't wear this at school 😂 It is a little bit too much for me  😂
little_brown_bawse little_brown_bawse Nov 08, 2016
Hi yeah may i ask if they are like RELATED TO FRIKIN BILL GATES
AdoomySa AdoomySa Dec 25, 2016
Friday! Oh hey im a new reader...gonna read the whole book now! 😘
star-gough star-gough Jul 07, 2016
This is my fav song ever thank you so much for putting it in your book xxx
iShitRainbows iShitRainbows Aug 18, 2016
A rich girl with loads of money wears that to school. I'll be with my sweatshirt on.