Modern Royalty {Editing}

Modern Royalty {Editing}

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Bayley By Sweetpea13 Completed

A girl with no money has the opportunity of a lifetime by going to France. Walking along the rivers and the beckoning doorsteps of art museums, she meets a mystery man. But little does she know the mystery man, dressed a little too warm for spring, is a prince. He needs an escape and she is the perfect person to keep him distracted. 

Only things get a little complicated when she starts falling for him. 

Once she finds out his true identity will she stay and accept his lifestyle? Or will she leave the perfect fairy tale behind when the trip ends?

Cover Design Credit: @Bobby_00

_KEIVA_ _KEIVA_ Feb 20
Why do I feel like I've read this book? Am I losing my mind?
Equestrian_For_Life Equestrian_For_Life Jul 21, 2016
Not to be picky but if you were saying that theory is better than reality you should change it to in theory you could pass your exam with flying colors but in reality you could get a 50. It would make more sense that way and would also make your point more clear.
So she's gonna go, meet William. Fall in love, find out who he is and go back to America. He will run after her and come to this ball. They'll have a romantic dance day I love you and kiss. The end. Not a rr btw
ffkhan14 ffkhan14 Nov 08, 2016
That's why we need to raise minimum wage. Take it out of the CEOS pockets. I'm sure they have more money than they know what to do with. The walmart CEO earns more money hourly than his employees do yearly.
ffkhan14 ffkhan14 Nov 08, 2016