spider ➳ zarry

spider ➳ zarry

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❝another spider?❞ zayn asked, laughing.

harry nodded sheepishly. ❝sorry.❞

every time harry comes across a little insect in his apartment he freaks out and runs to his next door neighbour zayn, who kindly gets rid of the insect.

harry thinks it's utterly embarrassing, but he's to scared to deal with the insect.

on the other hand, zayn thinks it's utterly adorable, and helps every time harry comes knocking on his door. [cover//@societyniaz]

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YSLmalone YSLmalone Dec 27, 2017
Omg I never kill them 😭😭 just take them out the window or leave them 😭
shadowed200 shadowed200 Apr 13
I would scream and run out of the shower and come back with a sledgehammer. And my neighbor would probably think someone was being murdered.
LoversGotHumor LoversGotHumor Aug 07, 2017
When this reminds me of my best friend cuz she hates spiders 😂 😂
girlsndgirls girlsndgirls Apr 03, 2016
I've never read a summary that had me awing but this was absolutely adorable
uhh_okay uhh_okay Jan 21, 2016
Every once in a while a wasp comes into my room and I have to beg my brother to kill it and throw it away.