Made From Greater Stone  (Book one in the Stone Series) - SAMPLE ONLY

Made From Greater Stone (Book one in the Stone Series) - SAMPLE ONLY

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Made from Greater Stone by RJ Simpkin is the first novel in the Stone Series.  A story of passion, romance, glamour, and secrecy.

When graduate Olivia Bennett moves to Chicago she is thrust into a world sugar coated in feathers and crystals.  This world is the world of Burlesque.  It's during this time of discovery that she meets Nathan Stone, a handsome successful entrepreneur.

She finds herself drawn to him, in way she has never felt before. Convinced he is out of her league she tries to forget him.  However Nathan has ideas of his own planned for the Burlesque starlet.

Olivia soon learns that her new life is not all rhinestones and sparkle.  Nathan has skeletons in his closet; a dark past that threatens any future they may have together.  

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  • burlesque
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  • life
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Queen694u Queen694u Jul 21, 2013
As we connected via Facebook, I am very pleased to have started your book sample. Glad u got it published as your first chapter is very good and I like Olivia.
RJSimpkin RJSimpkin Feb 23, 2013
@AndriaDutart thank you so much I wished I could write as fast as its read!!  i am hoping to update more this weekend.  So grateful to you for sharing my story xx
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AndriaDutart AndriaDutart Feb 23, 2013
Thank u for updating I was dying even tho 1 chapter is a tease but its well worth the wait. I have been spreading the word about your work all over this little redneck town
RJSimpkin RJSimpkin Feb 20, 2013
@AndriaDutart thank you so much for your lovely comment xxx updating soon!
AndriaDutart AndriaDutart Feb 20, 2013
I love this book read all of book 1 and all that's updated on book two stayed up all night reading thank you so much for writing keep it up and please update ASAP
MUFFlN MUFFlN Jan 10, 2013
I like it so far! Most stories on here that have burlesque dancers or even just plain strippers always make it seems like such a degrading job.  I guess it's in the eye of he beholder.  I love that the character loves it.