Her Blessings, His Everything

Her Blessings, His Everything

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Analiza Valdez didn't have it all but she was okay with that. Her childhood wasn't the best, but she survived.

After her parents' death she moved from her hometown in Texas to New York. She was always a timid child with not many friends or family.

One night, after living in New York for 12 years and befriending a doctor, she goes to a club for her birthday. She meets a certain blue eyed man and wakes up the next morning alone and confused.

What happens when she takes a test and it's positive? What happens when she sees the man and he's wearing a wedding ring? What happens when he hires her and doesn't remember that night? Is he pretending? Is he really married? Will Analiza be able to work with him knowing that there's a part of him inside her?

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i think i already know whats gonna happen, that his twin right?
barbie66 barbie66 Aug 08, 2017
Omg ..so much happen to one person ...not right ...cant wait to see whats installed for her 😡😮😯😚😄
Ashluma2018 Ashluma2018 Apr 03
I wanna watch it too ever since it cane out but havent had the chance
sandrinhasilva399826 sandrinhasilva399826 Nov 14, 2016
Oi gostaria ler  seu livro  em Português vc  teria ploblicado obrigado bjs.
MariaMcDorman MariaMcDorman Nov 17, 2016
Parental medication, I know what prenatal vitamins are but not the latter.