My Trip To Afghanistan Turned Into A Nightmare

My Trip To Afghanistan Turned Into A Nightmare

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deep_side_love By deep_side_love Updated Mar 11

Jannat Jacoub, an afghan girl living in U.S decided to finally visit her homeland after so many years. She had planned for everything to be perfect, her sister's wedding and her trip to Afghanistan. Never did she guess that she will not only become temporary blind by a tragic accident, but also get stuck between two brothers. 

Doctor Shehzad, a kind and caring person who takes care of Jannat and is ready to do everything to bring her eyesight back. 

And the so called monster of the army leader, Aalamgeer Irfanzai. Jannat's path crosses Aalamgeer's in such a way that she doesn't even know what to do anymore. 

Jannat is against the societys thoughts about not treating a woman and a man equally. However, what happens when she gets in the middle of the people who are strongly against woman's right? Little did she know that she was the only woman in the little village who had ever stood up for a woman's right, which Aalamgeer wasn't pleasant with and which Shehzad was more than happy with.

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ariehi95 ariehi95 Aug 13, 2017
This story brings memories to ex was afghan pashtoon.
Madsduck Madsduck Nov 18, 2017
*Dari* Nai bachem ma khudam matonam begiram. “Nah I can take them myself” LOL
SM43834 SM43834 Oct 06, 2016
When an afghan guy speaks English ...the accent is just too good ❤️
- - Dec 23, 2015
This is really good. The beginning, not so much. Towards the end of the first chapter, things got interesting. But what exactly happened to the girl's sister?
- - Dec 23, 2015
In literal definitions, it's hard there compared to the United States xD
- - Dec 23, 2015
Not to criticize or anything. Just a quick reference. "Me" comes after listing other characters' names and after "and". :-)