Bella Cullen's Sister - Twilight Fan Fiction

Bella Cullen's Sister - Twilight Fan Fiction

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Andie By andierpothecary Updated Jun 02, 2013

Seventeen years after she is is turned, Bella Cullen discovers that she has a half sister. When Brandy Lexis/Swan comes to meet her birth father, Charlie, Bella, Edward and Renesmee are there. 83 years later Brandy and her hybrid son, Mack move to Forks only to discover that the Cullen's have moved back to town. All the Cullen's like her but Bella. When Mack goes missing, will Bella help find him or use this distraction to get rid of Brandy?

When Mack goes missing, Jane comes to help find him but when she meets Cole, the newest Cullen; she falls in love. When Alec is denying the Cullen's rules, he accendentally turns an eleven year old called Ash, she makes a connection with Jane. It's like they're related somehow...

Read to find out...

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Namjoons_Pajamas Namjoons_Pajamas Jul 29, 2014
I'm confused. How old is brandy? There doesn't seem to be a definite answer. If Charlie was only 15 or whatever, than she should be a few years older than Bella, but you made it sound as though she's younger.
misterfuzzball misterfuzzball Jul 05, 2012
pretty good, but it doesn't really seem plausible that Bella's sister who she doesn't know about would also be a vamire AND have a hybrid child..
                              But, I still like it :)
Kimiwamelody Kimiwamelody Aug 07, 2010
wow! i cant wait for the rest, im just about to read part 2 now :) so far im loving the plotline :D
ZeynepArgat ZeynepArgat Aug 07, 2010
Well i think you should upload it now because i cant wait that muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!