The Throne (BWWM)

The Throne (BWWM)

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Family,Loyalty,and Money was the Montanari's three pillars. Montanari, The name can be dated back through the Jazz age as the one an only infamous mob. Now a very successful business controlling all of Europe and Northern Eastern America down to Southern U.S.A.

When Evelyn Diana Levine came to America for the first time, not very fluent, she never thought that in the future she would be the mother to the kids of the head of the organization.  A couple years later she left after catching her ex-boyfriend cheating on her then finding out that he was a criminal, so she fled, not being able to deal with it. Fives years later she came back to face the music bring her four year old twin boys with her. Opening up  her main designer building in The Big Apple wont be the only thing she will be doing.

Ezio Del Ray Montanari was an imperfect   man  with the world on his shoulders having to take over the family business because of his father's illness. He was unable to run after his shy Topolino, now having the time to, he found out that he is a father of two and that the woman who had his heart had changed.

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- - Jul 09, 2016
I'm sorry when you have kids you need to put your pride aside. They need both father and mother.
Durkio_World Durkio_World Jun 10, 2016
I know I'm late asf but 
                              Omfg this is gonna be one of my favorite books 😍😍👏💯❤❤❤❤
biancalhurtt biancalhurtt Feb 13, 2016
The first part of the chapter confused tf out of me....maybe I need to read it slow
LadyLotus8973 LadyLotus8973 Jan 01, 2016
There's  different ways to say I'm sorry in German. I didn't  want to use Es tut mir  leid  because I was going to use it more  in my book. I don't  want to sound redundant and keep  using one sentence in German when there's  another  way to say I'm sorry, but thanks for the comments :)
mi_axd mi_axd Jan 01, 2016
Is that supposed to be German? If so then I'm sorry is Es tut mir lied