Pencil, Paper, and Passion.

Pencil, Paper, and Passion.

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Kristin Tippett By sherlockandhiscoat Completed

Elizabeth Sinclair's life as a senior in high school starts off a little shaky.  Fights with her mother, threats from other students, and the effort of trying to understand herself, leaves Eliza scrambling for something to grab onto in her upturned life and it comes in the form of the forbidden.

  When she meets her new Chemistry teacher, Benjamin Gallagher, a whole new set of problems arise.  As the pair grow closer, and Eliza's problems become even more complicated, they have to decide whether or not to act on the attraction they're feeling.  And if they do, can they last through the year's surprises?

A teacher/student love story.

BeanKarma BeanKarma May 24, 2017
OMG u had to get Sinclair from We were liars it's shah a good book
sherlockandhiscoat sherlockandhiscoat Apr 09, 2013
@Thessamay98 @MariaSilva271 The story has been updated!  Chapter Ten is up, if you're interested!  :D
sherlockandhiscoat sherlockandhiscoat Apr 09, 2013
@mebecrazii I did, didn't I?  I was in love with them at the time.  Haha.  :D
Wistterical Wistterical Aug 15, 2011
If you want, i like making covers and id be glad to make one for you. :)
sherlockandhiscoat sherlockandhiscoat Jul 02, 2011
@rockstar12p Hehe...  trust me, you commenting is definitely NOT annoying.  XD  Thank you!