Dark Magic and the Black Hand (Book 4 of the Shadow Chronicles)

Dark Magic and the Black Hand (Book 4 of the Shadow Chronicles)

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DragonRiderEXE By DragonRiderEXE Updated Jan 03, 2017

The 4th Installment of the Shadow Chronicles . . . 
The world grapples for power and sinks into the fiery abyss as the divisions rake deeper and the war marches on towards an end that will usher in the chapters of a new era. The plots gather and the figures on the field head into their despair while the silent gods watch. 

The Third War of Astrania approaches to fulfillment. The kingdoms clash against each other as beguiled pawns of a greater force beyond Astrania's comprehension. Powerful forces align and rise to take for themselves the power left bloodied and bare. Nobody is safe from the war's grasp or the hand that reaches out from the smoke to shove the crowns against each other. 
Pentus awaits for a new weapon to give him the edge he needs to see himself alive through the next pits of battle. Unbeknownst to him, the war has already begun and when he returns he is greeted with the reminder that his own kingdom is no exception. In order to save not just the Twelve Kingdoms from their folly, but Astrania itself Pentus meets his new foe: The Black Hand has appeared from its silence, led by an unknown figure known as Varlock - already responsible for more than what he may appear. However, they soon discover stopping them may be more difficult than stopping the war, but hanging above their heads is that this time such an act will not come without a price. . . 
At the same time, Tesulan has emerged from his training with the man whom he seeks to kill. His hatred brewed and his ambitions within sight, he steps out into the world eager to test out his new skills. In the meanwhile, the Assassin Lord Akranhor himself remains impatient to rebuild his army and to raise his order into the formidable might matched with his cunning to grasp the world once more. 

Pentus and the others grow stronger in their feats, but he forgets that so do his enemies and this time whatever shall happen swords will meet and more than just his own blood will be spilled. . .

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