Dark Magic and the Black Hand (Book 4 of the Shadow Chronicles)

Dark Magic and the Black Hand (Book 4 of the Shadow Chronicles)

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DragonRiderEXE By DragonRiderEXE Updated Jan 03

The war is inevitable, and nations clash against each other, betrayal as never before is everywhere. Nobody is trusted anymore. And while the King and Prince of Calarant are away, the city is left to fend for themselves against the brute force of two nations, temporarily forming a truce to demolish Calarant.
  Pentus and Saran wait impatiently for Pentus's sword to be forged by the legendary smith, Smarlin. Afterwards they head in a frenzy to Calarant and a sight of pure devastation and war greets their sight. 

    It's not long before they rush into the battlefield themselves that they realize, their homes aren't the only one that is scarred with war. 
  Enraged, they set their sights on the Black Hand. 

  The organization of death that started all of this war, and continues starting it. But, defeating the mysterious leader Varlock and his undead associates may be harder than stopping the War of Astrania. 
  All the same, Tesulan starts his rigorous training with the Shadow King Velgar in hopes of bringing his hatred and vengeance to the cold world. And slaughtering his new master in cold vengeance while the Assassin Lord makes his way to power behind the scenes of war and bloodshed. . . . .

Will the war be stopped? 

Will Akranhor reign superior at the end of war? 

And will Tesulan grow all the stronger and turn his attention to Astrania after murdering his master?

 And will Pentus meet the hero he once admired and be forced to turn his blade on the Savior of Astrania?

 All the while, a mysterious, elderly man makes his way through the battlefield of bloody war in hopes of stopping this crisis all by himself. 

  As more secrets and characters are revealed, more blood is drawn, more casualties rise, nations crumble, death awaits, and the plot grows ever so suspenseful. What will happen next?

  • action
  • adventure
  • assassins
  • betrayal
  • demons
  • dragoon
  • duels
  • evil
  • hatred
  • king
  • magic
  • murder
  • organization
  • paladins
  • power
  • teenfiction
  • undead
  • vengeance
  • war
JimmyWhite105 JimmyWhite105 Jun 13, 2016
I hope u startin to finish plot lines as uv only got to books left an I jus realised ur stil on book 4 lol looks like I Gota long wait to find out wat happens lol
CarmelaMerlin CarmelaMerlin Mar 23, 2016
If i may ask, since this is book 4 i want to start at the beginning whats the title of the first book and second and third?
AgnesdeOcampo AgnesdeOcampo Mar 17, 2016
Love it. Won't have to go back to the 3rd book if i forgot a scene.
JimmyWhite105 JimmyWhite105 Jun 13, 2016
Is not eragon bares similaritys also to final fantasy an almars dad the assassin King has a hidden blade like assassins creed
ChasingWolves99 ChasingWolves99 Sep 21, 2016
Love the series!!! Can't wait to see what happens to the group!! GO PENTUS!!!
DragonRiderEXE DragonRiderEXE Mar 20, 2015
Where's the cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( o__________O)