Not This Time [Malum AU]

Not This Time [Malum AU]

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baby ash By Larry_Lashton Completed

Beguiled by someone he loved, Michael Clifford was left heartbroken and one would have believed that he was broken beyond repair. Not long after, that same person who played him moved away and was never seen again by Michael. Everything of that person is now only a memory to him that he wishes to forget more than anything he's ever dealt with.

Time passes and Michael is once again happy and out of his state of depression. He has a sweet and hot boyfriend named Luke Hemmings and a cute and funny best friend named Ashton Irwin. Michael believes nothing can ever change his current life.

That is, until a guy named Calum Hood comes into town.

© 2014, Angie & Max (larry_lashton & iCheeseYou ), All rights reserved

oldaccount- oldaccount- Jun 04
If lashton doesn't happen too I'm probably going to leave 🤗
A_panacea A_panacea Oct 28
Fück it im gonna read is anyway cause I'm a reckless bïtch
A_panacea A_panacea Oct 27
Does anyone know what type of triggering events? Thank you (: