Human! FNAF One-Shots!

Human! FNAF One-Shots!

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Silver Notte By SilverNotte Updated Jan 05

Random One-shots with your favorite FNAF humans!

What does it take to get a jealous Freddy to confess his feelings for (y/n)?

Chica has been watching (y/n) for the longest time, but is she brave enough to show herself?

And more!

+takes burning guitar + how am I gonna explain this to Bonnie?
-holds explosive stuff  behind back- Freddy you links Chica always exploding stuff!
                              They all think i'm an innocent angel but when i strike. *evil laughter* I hit HARD
Many reasons...
                              But seriously, it was the chairs fault for hitting you (whiny voice)
Omg!!! Freddy is the new pizza sauce!? Wow didn't see that combining
Well, demons are best at destroying stuff.... *looks at broken guitar* oops...