Possible (A fandoms crossover)

Possible (A fandoms crossover)

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FanFicWriters2429 By FanFicWriters2429 Updated Feb 23, 2015

"Jackson!" Draco shouted.

"You and that invisibility cloak are lethal Harry," said Percy.

"Shove off, I'm just here to talk to my brother," groaned Harry.
"I'm your step-brother," corrected Luke.

WHAAAAAAT? Fandoms crossover or what? 

Hogwarts is inviting back Harry Potter along with his new mates to complete their fifth year. With their new Dark arts teacher Chiron and trouble stirring elsewhere will the team be able to hold back Voldemort, Valentine and Jeanine from tearing down the walls of their school?

Including cast from:
The Hunger Games 
The Mortal Instruments 
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson

Written by Ultimate Fangirls