Dear Diary, it's Marilyn

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Janine By LuckyDay Updated 2 years ago
Who is Marilyn Monroe? It is the 1940's when Marilyn becomes a symbol for women's independence. She is a symbol for men's desires. Even in death, she remains every girl's idol, the woman men drool over. She is who girls wish to be and who men wish they had. But outside of all the fame and fortune, there's another side to Marilyn. In there is the shy, insecure girl overwhelmed by sudden success, who idolizes Clark Gable, who had a rough childhood, and who is used by men but can still fall head-over-heels in love. Go back to her time and see how she lived. This is the real Marilyn Monroe's story.
This is beautifully written, and I've only read the prologue. As a Marilyn Monroe fan myself, you definitely got my attention by your amazing writing! Definitely reading on.
omg i have fallen in love with this already, and i've only just read the prologue.
I actually think that it looks like something Marilyn would write. I'm a huge Marilynette and I'm very interested just by reading the prologue.
                                    Hope I will like the whole book!
My story is writen from Marilyn's point of view. It was amazing to write– did you find you couldn't stop?
I think this is a great prologue! It really wants to make me keep on reading and it captured me from the very first sentence. I'm going to keep on reading this, thank you so much for writing it! :D
Woah, you just blew my mind 'cause this is so damn amazing. I'm serious. I'm a fan of Marylin Manore. Love her quotes so I'm definately reading on. The way you wrote this totally sounds like something she herself would write. You're a good writer and I could say this just my reading the prologue.