People Like Us: Part I (boyxgirlxboy)

People Like Us: Part I (boyxgirlxboy)

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(Continuation of the "Sweet Surrender" and "Saving Me" series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.)
River is the son of two pretty well-known people in the vampire world, growing up with three other adopted siblings in a relatively small Oregon town. He's always been a pretty happy, sweet kid, but the weird thing about him is, he's the only one of his kind in the world. There's never been anyone else like River, and he struggles with the fact that there's no one he can relate to. 

Charlie and Adrian are just a couple of regular kids that go to River's school; Charlie being a Nether, and Adrian being a human with some interesting abilities of his own. None of them really expected to meet each other, but things happen. Even when they all somehow wind up together in a pretty weird relationship. If you could call it that. 

WARNING: So, if you've seen the tags, you're aware that there's about as much heterosexual action going on as there is homosexual action. That's really the only warning I've got.

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hafsadebest hafsadebest Mar 02
That's probably how every student feels,😂😂😂😂😂😂
Oh my god that’s minuscule my school has 3,000 kids and even in middle school there were 1,500 kidd
MisakiCamellia MisakiCamellia May 01, 2017
I like ur book and ik its a bit late but maybe u could a certain symbol to show when ur switching the POV makes it easier to follow
NyetaRichardson NyetaRichardson Feb 04, 2017
I never understood why they had to be signed it was so annoying and I'd always forget lol
ShirleyAndrew ShirleyAndrew Dec 25, 2016
To many other dad , sorry just thought it was confusing  but loving the story xx
slcmystery slcmystery Jul 16, 2016
Maybe think about calling them different names (da dad daddy pop poppa papi) I never know whos who lol