The Alliance (The Alliance #1)                                         ( #Wattys2015 )

The Alliance (The Alliance #1) ( #Wattys2015 )

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BOOK 1 of The Alliance

Mia has never seen a boy in her life. 

Well, only in pictures in her history book. 

It's 2259. In the United States, genders have split. Male and females despise each other. They keep themselves safe in little domes, separating themselves from one another. And unless you want to get kicked out of your dome, you don't leave.

16-year-old Mia doesn't expect to see a male in her life, until her dome takes one in as prisoner. Archer, a 16-year-old teen with a mission on his mind and a determined heart. But little does Mia know he was on his way to The Alliance. 

Something Mia will be a big part of.

Great so far keep going!!!
                              The idea is intresting, it is well-written and looks like a book a profesionnal would write!
xyleiachin xyleiachin Nov 28
I actually had this idea in my mind for a long time but then it got lost somewhere in my brain.
Auelpo Auelpo Sep 08, 2015
But this could only be going on for 16 years then right? I mean, if she's sixteen.....
JazzyGirl627 JazzyGirl627 Aug 09, 2015
The idea is very interesting, but I think you should of described the dome a little more. Like why are the two species split apart and what other rules apply?
CathrinaEH CathrinaEH Jul 14, 2015
No offence, but there's a difference between "your" and "you're":)
_LavenderChronicles_ _LavenderChronicles_ Jul 13, 2015
I'm glad you asked me to read this for some feedback! It's an awesome plot and everything in it has details, thoughts, the paragraphs are well spread out correctly, and there's only a few rare grammatical errors. All in all, it's amazing. I wish you luck with the rest of your book. <3