Her Beast

Her Beast

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Books By myprofileisnogood Updated Nov 15, 2016

They say he was ruthless, a monster who lurks in the shadows waiting for his prey. 
He inspired fear in anyone who crossed his path.
Children told stories of his brutality to scare each other.
Who is he, you ask? He's the Alpha of the strongest pack in the world.

They say she was weak, a little girl who the had misfortune of having a human for a mother.
She was quiet and submissive which caused others to take advantage of her.
Everybody in her small pack abused and mistreated her that it became a habitual thing.
Who is she, you ask? She's the runt of her pack.
...............and soon she will meet the monster she's destined to be with...........

Author's note: I really suck at summaries but I hope you check out my story. Thanks! ;]

  • action
  • alpha
  • damagedsoul
  • love
  • mates
  • monster
  • overprotective
  • possessive
  • romance
  • weak
  • werewolf
jansealy jansealy Mar 31, 2016
meanwhile, didn't Mrs. Carter find her mate. She really ought to get over her ex
needreads needreads Jul 20, 2016
In the summary, where it says "he lurks in the shadows, waiting for his prey", I read prey as pussy 😳
Lovesity Lovesity Jan 19, 2017
You know would be funny if the author just set this up and then in the next chapter is like my best friend was his mate and then they left and then I died
Cheezyshit Cheezyshit Jul 23, 2016
aye Is that ashley from the secret life of an American teenager. she was hella annoying tbh
keily9 keily9 Feb 07, 2016
I hate when people take advantage of others..... If I were I would give that lady one slap across the face..... *don't mess with me bitch*
elephant44 elephant44 Oct 17, 2015
Yes she needs a kick up the arse ,  but ure foot would get stuck up there. Lol