A Helping Hand (gxg)

A Helping Hand (gxg)

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ClariceGreene By ClariceGreene Updated Jul 11, 2017

We've all grown up wanting one thing. That one thing is the love from some significant other. The one thing that most people don't know is that love is hard and it doesn't always work the way we planned.

Raven is a girl in which everyone has three feeling for... Lust, envy, and hatred. She's the bad girl of the school except she doesn't have a crew like most bad girls and boys do. No, Raven has two people. Her best friend Salem and her sister Nora. Ravens life is a complete mess and she has no problem admitting that much, but will she be able to bring her life back to the right path after what she's been through?

Maddison is the new teacher in town. Fresh from New York, she's ready to start her job at Woodland high school as an ancient world history teacher. She's the type of person you strive to be, beautiful, intelligent, and down to earth. Most would think at first glance that she's got her life together and everything is perfect in her world. That's were they're wrong. Maddison has to deal with financial burdens that come with being an adult and family matters. 

By the luck of fate these two very different people are brought together. There are many bad outcomes that can happen with these two having a secret relationship and only so many good ones. Will these two help each other and accept the other, or will they fight till the end and leave each other heart broken? Only time will tell what happens when these two meet.

  • acceptance
  • chance
  • dealing
  • gxg
  • heartbreak
  • rejection
  • sisters
  • teacherxstudent
Katyxxoo Katyxxoo Feb 06
what 19 year old who lives with 1 person needS FIVE FUCKIF CARS
ClexaTalex ClexaTalex Mar 28
God this is late af but that’s not amber heard unless it’s been changed I’m pretty sure that’s Jennifer Lawrence with blonde hair ^
WhatWouldDoryDo WhatWouldDoryDo Sep 12, 2017
Why not but your own fûcking home before buying 4 more cars that you don't need
GreyLux GreyLux Mar 03
Let's play the game of "spot the main characters love interest"😂
BloodyRedRuby BloodyRedRuby Sep 01, 2016
she didn't even drink, I'd be like bitch walk (ง ˙ω˙)ว
BloodyRedRuby BloodyRedRuby Sep 01, 2016
I use that line a lot except 10 is when I'm home. Curfew. 😡