Taming the Author[#ThinkFiction]

Taming the Author[#ThinkFiction]

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Calleline By Calleline Updated Jun 29, 2015

Dean Trevor finally got promoted! 

After working for four years editing manuals and references, he was moved to the Fiction Department, given his own office, and tasked with the responsibility of editing the manuscript of one of the most important authors in the publication company. 

Things seem to be doing well, right? 

That's until Dean realizes handling his favorite author - Claus Lorewind - will be more than just being the first to read his manuscripts. It will also involve keeping him on schedule, helping him focus on writing, and knowing the secret that Lorewind is a girl. 

And doing so won't just question his love for his job, but also his love for Lorewind's books. 
Find out how far Dean will go to keep his job, reach his deadlines and TAME the author!

This was started for the #JustWriteIt Romance challenge
Included in Wattpad Romance's (@Romance) "Contemporary Romance" Reading List.
#496 in Romance (previously #884; #797; #566; #613, #673, #502)

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cookieiscominghome cookieiscominghome Jun 18, 2016
is this guy Hagrid??? because if so then I'm in love with this book
suxchicca suxchicca Mar 28, 2016
I soooo understand him... 😢 same problems with snobby authors too 😁
                              But reading is always good... i like his attitude!
Ellatony419 Ellatony419 Jun 09, 2016
I mean don't make changes to people's books without telling them?
KenyaGarcez KenyaGarcez Mar 14, 2016
I already hate this Allan Murph person from the bottom of my heart.
oneway-or-another oneway-or-another May 17, 2016
I had to scroll back up to see if he was assigned an accent, because I made him Irish. :)
cookieiscominghome cookieiscominghome Jun 18, 2016
I didn't think you were but okay then thanks for the clarification