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"As much as I love to receive and be please baby, I also love to give because I know how it feels to want, that longing desire you can't withhold." He huskily whispers to me, lips brushing one another.

"Now tell me mate, Who wants to be pinned against the wall, have my fingers tangle in their hair, get fingered deep and hard, eatin up, get fücked in the mouth, in the äss, and in her püssy," Stroking lightly in the inside of my inner thighs.

Oooo me, me, me , pick me, me, ME!!!! I mentally yell.

Aroused by his boldness I start to feel this burning heat start to rise from my core begging him to do all those things right now, right here..

~ * *~ * *~ * *~

Kitson Volkov, a young, naïve, beautiful, girl who's all alone to abide a life she never wants to remember. A fugitive to those runaway memories. Having to change identity's and appearance way to many times. All she's ever wanted is to live a normal life for herself and her niece Charlotte.

Rhyson Teller, Alpha to the "Crimson Night-Creek Pack" a charming, sarcastic, possessive, hot, sexy alpha male who never thought second chances existed especially having to give uphis mate and losing faith in love...

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lust_bbygirl_lust lust_bbygirl_lust Sep 26, 2017
I'm selling fake holy water because we all know that we really want this but want holy water so here we go 📿✝💧
gigibear101 gigibear101 May 11
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but I don't understand. I'm so confused. Would someone help me understand please? Is this in external writing or what?
MysterySky13 MysterySky13 Jul 08, 2017
Charmed_01 Charmed_01 Jan 02, 2017
Me exclude the fvcking in the ass part no one goes near my booty hole
gabbytheratty gabbytheratty Jun 04, 2016
I was being all normal and then all of a sudden *woosh* a wave of horniness and hormones crash over me