Back For You (Larry Stylinson AU)

Back For You (Larry Stylinson AU)

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Have you ever regretted something you’ve done so much that it physically hurts? 
I have. 
It’s like a constant ache in my chest. 
Have you ever had someone in your life that it so special to you that you think your chest might just burst open when you see them? 
I have… 
And I messed it up. 
I, Harry Styles, had to go and wreck it.

Harry Styles had everything. He had a loving family, a good job and an amazing boyfriend, Louis. But he met someone who was slightly too edgy and dangerous to cope with, someone who gave him the easy route to 'fit in'. 
He got caught in a trap he didn’t like, but didn’t stop in time to escape.
He let his one and only fall out of the love that filled every space of Harry's being.
After three years in prison, can Harry fix all the torn edges he left when he went away? Or is it too late…

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anyone in this story, it is purely fiction.

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horanbuttcraic horanbuttcraic Jul 23, 2017
I've read this so many times before and now i logged into my account again and im so happy i found this!!!!!!
margaretsu margaretsu Dec 15, 2015
I just finished "there for you" and im so scared to read this one. I dont really wanna hit louis' head or Harry's if they do anything stupid. Oh my
SuperMicheal SuperMicheal Jan 25, 2015
OMG I'm re reading this and somehow it got off of my library
NouisAreMine NouisAreMine May 13, 2014
I've read this all 2 times now it makes me cry so much but i love it!
GouldianFinch GouldianFinch Dec 29, 2013
I read it yesterday(I spend half the day but I did it) and I can say that this is the most incredible and beautiful story I have ever read. I cried a few times and I spend all night with the pain in my chest from how much pain had Louis and Harry felt. I just can't. This is amazing. I just..omg
mikhaalforque mikhaalforque Dec 22, 2013
can I cry bc the book cover are from the time when they went out in a date with Taylor and Eleanor?