The Burning Flame

The Burning Flame

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Mariam By mariam_shaar Updated Feb 05, 2016

When the people we love die we became upset, angry, frustrated,
and emotional. We are unable to show our emotions in front of people not
because we care about what they say nor think it’s because no one will ever
understand. No one will ever understand loosing someone you thought you
potentially loved until that person is no longer alive and you then realise all
along that this person had captured your heart and ripped it out once they left.

Niklaus Mikaelson never thought he would be grieving about
the death of a pathetic human, but Sierra Gilbert isn’t any pathetic human. She
was Niklaus Mikaelson’s love. A man like Niklaus does not grieve like a normal
human. He grieves like the monster he truly is. He grieves by killing people
and shedding blood. 

Every country, every little city Klaus has travelled to find
a resurrection spell to bring back Sierra but somehow each spell fails. It’s
been months; nearly a year since Sierras death and one thing for sure is that
Sierra Gilberts death has affected everyone.

From what we have been told, apparently the afterlife is
happiness. But is it really? Is being trapped in a cold cave, with hungry
wolves and a stranger who will never answer questions happiness? Its only one
thing that Sierra wants as she gets her memories back and that is to be resurrected
and take her revenge on her lovers brother. But that isn’t as easy as she

It’s not the spells or the witches that bring back Sierra. It’s
up to Sierra to bring herself back from the dead by finding her own strength
within her, by finding out her true potential and by finding out what she can really
do to the man that put her in this pitch, black, cold hell hole.

“It wasn’t the power of love that brought me back, it was
the deep burning desire within me, that brought me back for the bloodlust and