I'm only human

I'm only human

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Grayson By XxxGraysonxxX Updated Apr 12, 2015

Diana Clark, omega of the Twilight Pack and yet to shift. Her parents the Beta's and her brother best friend the next Alpha. All she wanted was to shift and make her parents proud. She didn't want to be rejected by her mate. Not able to stand the pain she runs away with no intention of coming back, but she does. 

Justin Moon, son to be Alpha of the Twilight pack and is looking for his soul mate. His best friend Toby Clark and his soon be to Beta, and his sister is his mate. Well not anymore, he didn't want a weak omega as a mate and rejected her. He didn't except her to run away and never look back. Nor did he expect her to join the strongest pack and become happy. 

When he pushes her to far three words he didn't want to hear came from her mouth. 

"I'm only human"

  • alpha
  • betrayal
  • human
  • love
  • mate
  • omega
  • rejection
  • runaway
  • runt
I start to sing I'm only human I cry when I'm broken I got knives in my head scares in my chest yah I'm only human every time I start to read lol
layla_laughs layla_laughs Aug 16, 2017
I find that ironic counting that she didn't get a chance 😂
                              And I thigh her name was Diana?
badbitch11 badbitch11 Jun 15, 2016
If someone called me an omega he would be six feet under especially if the person tell me to do something
- - Feb 25, 2016
Oohhhhh. red LICK STICK. It's a red stick that you can lick! Lol.
- - Jun 15, 2015
Oh, she is totally Miss I-Know-How-Wonderful-And-Beautiful-I-Am :/