Make You Mine [Rewrite ]

Make You Mine [Rewrite ]

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This is the re-written/ edited version of the highly popular legacy of Ava Campbell and Ian Hunt. 

 "I've been watching you, waiting for you, and wanting you for so long. Now I have a chance. A chance to love you, hold you, and be with you.  A chance for us to spend the rest of our lives together. A chance to Make You Mine." - Ian Hunt

Not a typical love story, but a twisted love story.

Not a Vampire story. 

Also Rated R for strong language and sexual content. This is the edited and rewritten version. I will post chapters daily.

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#80 in Mystery/ Thriller 3/6/2016

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whoringly whoringly May 01
Finally a character who actually has some knowledge of the real world
This is reminding me of the Cullen House. Twilight anyone? No? Okay.
HeyItsLibby HeyItsLibby Jul 19
I thought he said he doesn't want to talk to her about feelings.
I woulda done that ages ago. I mean, there's NO FOOD! THIS CHICK IS GONNA DIE WITHOUT IT!! DISTRACT HIM AMD RUN AWAY
HeyImBetsy HeyImBetsy Mar 28
                              BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS
                              I'm sorry I can't help myself
Something tells me the only thing she's been running to these last couple months is the refrigerator