Make You Mine [Rewrite ]

Make You Mine [Rewrite ]

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N.K. By NKSamrose Updated Dec 04, 2016

This is the re-written/ edited version of the highly popular legacy of Ava Campbell and Ian Hunt. 

 "I've been watching you, waiting for you, and wanting you for so long. Now I have a chance. A chance to love you, hold you, and be with you.  A chance for us to spend the rest of our lives together. A chance to Make You Mine." - Ian Hunt

Not a typical love story, but a twisted love story.

Not a Vampire story. 

Also Rated R for strong language and sexual content. This is the edited and rewritten version. I will post chapters daily.

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#80 in Mystery/ Thriller 3/6/2016

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whoringly whoringly May 01, 2016
Finally a character who actually has some knowledge of the real world
because5sosduh because5sosduh Feb 27, 2016
This is reminding me of the Cullen House. Twilight anyone? No? Okay.
HeyItsLibby HeyItsLibby Jul 19, 2016
I thought he said he doesn't want to talk to her about feelings.
zzz1918 zzz1918 Jun 01, 2016
I woulda done that ages ago. I mean, there's NO FOOD! THIS CHICK IS GONNA DIE WITHOUT IT!! DISTRACT HIM AMD RUN AWAY
arizonateeana arizonateeana Jul 12, 2016
Something tells me the only thing she's been running to these last couple months is the refrigerator
AdoreLife22 AdoreLife22 Jul 11, 2016
Me in a situation like this after five minutes of running I'd be on the ground crying and moaning in pain unless I'm running for food that's a different story