Pretend Girlfriend

Pretend Girlfriend

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It all started with seven words. It wasn't a question or much of a choice, but a statement. "I need you to be my girlfriend."

Ryan Gonzalez didn't think she'd have a boyfriend at all her senior year, and she sure as hell didn't think it would be Xavier Hale, Illinois High Schools rich bad boy. But then Xavier decides to blackmail Ryan into being his pretend girlfriend and that's where it all started. So, will these two complete opposites find real love for each other or will their hatred for each other get in the way? 

Pretend Girlfriend // the_wanted_forever

Why do guys smirk I mean it's hot but only on Ian solderhalder
Blood_N_Roses Blood_N_Roses Jul 10, 2016
Hmm not bad...well i hope there will an explanation in the next chap why she's a striper..i mean her parent are well know lawyer so she doesnt have problem with money.
orderinchaos orderinchaos Sep 23, 2016
This is actually a problem out there on how we treat sex workers. On the front page, it won't be "Woman Murdered Last Night" it would be "Stripper Murdered Last Night". It's like they are stripped of their humanity simply beverage they service with their bodies
danana_ danana_ Jun 27, 2016
Please everyone go check my new story titled "Summer Love" and give your honest opinion and how can I improve it, please help guys!
orderinchaos orderinchaos Sep 23, 2016
WOW! A promise!!! Because that's SO trustworthy of a guy who is BLACKMAILING you!!!!
CrazyBatman124 CrazyBatman124 Jul 25, 2016
Omg this is so interesting can't wait to find out how it ends