What Are We?

What Are We?

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"This is normal?" She whispered- yelled pointing to a sleeping Christian.

"Me and you use to sleep in the same bed all the time." I whispered-yelled. "It's perfectly normal." 

"Get you ass up- AHHHHH" She pulled back the cover and screamed. He jolted up quickly and put the cover back over his naked body. She turned to me horror in her eyes, and I shrugged.

"It's just how he sleeps." She screamed as frustration filled her body. She then stormed out of the room. I looked at Christian and he smiled lifting the cover.

"Come back to bed, Sam." I walked over to him and laid on the bed as he put the cover over me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him as I drifted to sleep.      © 

DISCLAIMER: THIS BOOK IS OLD! This isn't what I would call my best work. Like at all. You've been warned.

 Cover By: @Shesonnet

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AddHeading AddHeading Jan 15
Nice friendship there fam. 
                              But like my bestie and I get like this sometimes, yet again, my other friends say, if yiu don't get a little gay with your friends are yiu really friends? 
                              But I've set boundaries.
Fam_ItDontMatter Fam_ItDontMatter Nov 02, 2017
I don't know about y'all but I'm reading this like they in a relationship
JayLilia JayLilia Jul 19, 2017
Oml this is like looking at my two friends who says "we only friends" and then they later on start sating
curlyque_040 curlyque_040 Dec 23, 2017
What type of friend is that and where can I get one 😂😂
AddHeading AddHeading Jan 15
My best friend (dude)  reached to close my pants zipper. 
                              Now I've set boundaries. 
                              (Tbh, people thought we were dating) 
                              Point is, sometimes things happen.
Scintilla_Elysian Scintilla_Elysian Jun 09, 2017
This Bitch act like he going away for a few years girl chill you being clingy and that ain't cute honey