~I'm nothing without you~ Star Lord X Reader

~I'm nothing without you~ Star Lord X Reader

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Caty Oliver By Moonlit-Paradise Updated Aug 25, 2017

you've been best friends with Peter for all your life. well, since you were six but all of that changed when you were kidnapped by the Ravegers and dragged off into space. you are there and trained as a Raveger, no memories of your childhood. until Peter comes. 

can he help you get your memory back? will you fall in love with him?

Read to find out!

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bluebuttercornflakes bluebuttercornflakes May 23, 2017
My favourite jacket is red. Should I be worried or something ?
bluebuttercornflakes bluebuttercornflakes May 23, 2017
Is the fact that I like the colour red in this book the reason that Peter Quill wears a red jacket in the movies? That'd be cool:)
Festus222 Festus222 Mar 03
I'll just sit here in a corner wearing balck jeans black t-shirt and a black jacket º-º
Confused_Unicorn567 Confused_Unicorn567 Nov 19, 2017
**Rips up skirt and grabs black skinny jeans** I will never wear that death trap!
Halfbloodwizard57 Halfbloodwizard57 Dec 25, 2017
I hate skirts, unfunctional, look ugly on me because I have big legs and I don't really shave my legs.
KitKatKay04 KitKatKay04 Aug 06, 2016
Well that took a turn😅 one time when me and my dad were looking for a fly swatter and when he got a blue one I said, " No get the red one for THE BLOOD OF ITS ENEMIES!!!" And my dad looked at me like I was I psycho😂😂