Vampire Red :[First Book- Lost then Found]

Vampire Red :[First Book- Lost then Found]

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Alisha Marie By AlishaMar Completed

Lily Heart ,

 Sometimes  You have to battle  between your 

Head and Heart.

Life and Death.

Light and Dark.

Converse and Dolly shoes.....

Damon and Kale......Vampires.

WhitmoreTm WhitmoreTm May 27, 2013
Hey do you think you could read my book, Cold blooded life? - vampire based :]
KookyKlouds KookyKlouds Dec 18, 2010
I decided to read this first because Book 2 made no sense to me, sorry. :)
                              This was really good and descriptive with the right amount of suspense and tension. I like your writing style and will continue reading on. Definetely deserves a vote! :D
Catnificent Catnificent Aug 23, 2010
I like the different POV, and cool picture by the way. :)
PoetsReap PoetsReap Aug 22, 2010
:') It is beautiful so far. A few grammar errors I noticed, but mine have plenty too. Haha. 
AquaGirl2damax AquaGirl2damax Aug 22, 2010
Really nice, anyways besides some grammar mistakes this is a good start.
                              I didnt know blood gives Endorphins, to vampires at least :)
                              Upload soon.
AlishaMar AlishaMar Aug 20, 2010
thank you guys! x special announcment to Quiency and Walkingbarefoot! In my nxt chappie! x