Vampire Red :[First Book- Lost then Found]

Vampire Red :[First Book- Lost then Found]

39.9K Reads 535 Votes 34 Part Story
Alisha Marie By AlishaMar Completed

Lily Heart ,

 Sometimes  You have to battle  between your 

Head and Heart.

Life and Death.

Light and Dark.

Converse and Dolly shoes.....

Damon and Kale......Vampires.

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WhitmoreTm WhitmoreTm May 27, 2013
Hey do you think you could read my book, Cold blooded life? - vampire based :]
KookyKlouds KookyKlouds Dec 18, 2010
I decided to read this first because Book 2 made no sense to me, sorry. :)
                              This was really good and descriptive with the right amount of suspense and tension. I like your writing style and will continue reading on. Definetely deserves a vote! :D
AnjaSCota AnjaSCota Aug 23, 2010
I like the different POV, and cool picture by the way. :)
PoetsReap PoetsReap Aug 22, 2010
:') It is beautiful so far. A few grammar errors I noticed, but mine have plenty too. Haha. 
AquaGirl2damax AquaGirl2damax Aug 22, 2010
Really nice, anyways besides some grammar mistakes this is a good start.
                              I didnt know blood gives Endorphins, to vampires at least :)
                              Upload soon.
AlishaMar AlishaMar Aug 20, 2010
thank you guys! x special announcment to Quiency and Walkingbarefoot! In my nxt chappie! x