The Vampire Boys

The Vampire Boys

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Mrs.Playgirl By atikah13 Updated Aug 09

You,a hybrid of vampire and wolf,has been an experiment by witches by taking your special feeling call LOVE. But then, they made you drink something after that.

One day,you and your best friend,Mavis got a letter from Dark Seoul High School to continue your studies there after you suffered from human school.At your first day,it seems nice and a boy greet you nicely.When tomorrow comes,you do expect the nice boy will be nice again,but not today. He threaten you and annoyed you as his enemy including Mavis.You getting to used with him as time passes until one day with one human boy,it changed everything.Who is that boy?Read it if you wanna know who.

Ps:I got that background cover from  -voidallison.

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                              'Hyung' is used for boys calling another older boy and 'oppa' is used for girls calling another older boy