The Outcast & Her Pup (Editing)

The Outcast & Her Pup (Editing)

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Lavinia Darvis is a born Omega, an orpahn and was greatly abused by her pack members, all but her kind old Alpha and Luna who tried their best to stop the abuse, but it wouldn't. So when she turned 18, they sent her away, outcasted her, better her alive and well then miserable and dead.   What her old pack did not know, but the Alpha pair, was that she is also a special wolf.
One of the Eleven Legendary Elemental wolves, every 100 years 11 chosen wolves are blessed.....or cursed with this gift. 7 years later, she has a 6 year old daughter, Delilah. Who never met her father, Lavinia's human mate was killed for Lavinia's and Delilah's gift.  

A dark guild made of supernatural beings are throwing the balance world of the supernatural and the humans into chaos. Lavinia runs from a pair of rogue brothers, the new alpha of her old pack and the dark guild. Only the elemental wolves can fight this guild but are stronger together. 
   What happens if the Moon Goddess decides to give her another chance at love and happiness, with a very strong Alpha. But she doesn't want to suffer the pain of her mate dying, all over again  Sacrifices are needed in this journey, what or who will it be?
Can she find her kin and prevent an all out world war? Or will the dark guild find them first and conquer the world? 
     This is the story of 'The Outcast & Her Pup'

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