AAQPP: Deafness for Dummies

AAQPP: Deafness for Dummies

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"Why are you telling me this, Felix?"

He shrugs, his eyes focusing on the painting behind me. "I had to let you know that things get better," he signs with honest fingers. "You just need to live alongside your deafness, not in spite of it."

After Astrid Addleston - former Cambridge law student and resident all-rounder - crashes into a tree at too-many-kilometres an hour, she finds herself lacking something very important- her hearing.

With only prejudice and a despondent mood for company, Astrid resigns herself to the idea that her life and ambitions are in ruins.

A pretty girl and a boisterous cooking class full of deaf teenagers are determined to show her otherwise.

cover by the lovely @fiftyshadesofbhuiyan

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lilsies lilsies Nov 27, 2017
I read books at five... But I definitely wouldn't have been able to read such a complicated, complex book. Even if I could, I wouldn't have been able to understand the plot.
                              Honestly, I'm pretty impressed with her.
astrologay astrologay Oct 22, 2017
tbh i really want to learn italian. i'm going to italy this summer, so i want to get at least the basics of the language down. but i'm already struggling w just french and english and i'm worried i'd get french and italian confused and start writing in italian in my french tests at school lol 😂
lilsies lilsies Nov 27, 2017
I can't really lip read either. I don't really need to, however, my hearing's pretty alright as it is.
susaninthesky susaninthesky Dec 18, 2017
I’m bilingual now (English and Spanish) but I couldn’t read well until probably like 7.
baako4 baako4 Jan 07
I'm tryna learn Norwegian atm since I heard it's one of the easiest.
Victoria_Lyons_ Victoria_Lyons_ Nov 02, 2017
Lol one of my life goals is to be a polyglot but I can barely speak French and English