Behind the Trees.

Behind the Trees.

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She watches them behind the trees her panties soaked with her desire. 

*First chapter is private.*


lovely_undifined lovely_undifined 3 days ago
What's bothering me is that they have yet to ask HER how she feels about being with other men. Like if they would've asked cause she would've most likely says yes I would be soooooo down for this but now I'm just reading like 🤔🤔
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined 3 days ago
Wait theirs a third one wasn't expecting that, OMG my  perverted overly sexualized imagination  is very happy
halina4blue halina4blue Jun 11
I'm so flustered, so many things happened  but I must keep reading.
ZEON761 ZEON761 Jun 28
I don't mind reading about gay love, but the sex scenes is something I would always cringed about
plllop plllop May 29
I don't even blink at stuff like this anymore....wattpad has ruined me.
That was hilariously fast. Pull out game weak af. Get your testosterone in check please