Adriana's Secrets

Adriana's Secrets

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AuthorThirtyThree By Author33 Updated Feb 21

Type: (Dom/Sub) GirlxGirl
Setting: New York
Genre: Romantic

  Emma Daniels works as a magazine editor for "Fashion Weekly", what a cheesy name she thought. But she didn't care, she enjoyed her job. 
She appears to be a shy young woman without much of a social life, but after meeting her new boss, Adriana Boston, Emma begins to turn a new and different kind of leaf. 
  Adriana is a strong, independent, and power driven woman. who's very dominant and rather intimidating -to everyone but Emma apparently. She never mixes business with pleasure, but the young Emma has something about her that Adriana can't get out of her mind.. The young, light-hearted Emma doesn't know what she's in for, but neither does Adriana for that matter...

Note: This book is intended for mature readers, it includes adult situations, and sexual smut, bdsm references, and other adult language.

  • bdsm
  • dom
  • dominant
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
  • maturethemes
  • romance
  • romantic
  • sub
  • submissive
MariNana69 MariNana69 Apr 14
I made that gasp sound way more dramatic than it should've. I even said it out loud.
Katwithak27 Katwithak27 Feb 16
This book was pretty well written... Then there was a sudden change to a more casual texting kind of lingo. It's almost comical.
MidnightWolf159 MidnightWolf159 Nov 20, 2017
Well Emma’s name is the exact name of my friend. 
                              HONEY IVE GOT A WHOLE STORM COMING
Author33 Author33 Mar 09, 2017
Where, lol. My phone autocorrects sometimessometimes, even if it was right. I hate that crap.
knivesholix knivesholix Sep 05, 2016
LMAO OMG truth though reminded me when I was in middle school talking to one of my friends and I wasn't paying attention whICH caUSED ME RUN INTO A WALL omg 
                              iT WAS EMBARRASSING AS FACK