Escaping The Maze (Maze Runner Fan Fiction)

Escaping The Maze (Maze Runner Fan Fiction)

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Liyah905 By Liyah905 Updated Oct 14, 2015

Everyone knows that Tressa was the 'last one ever' but what if she didn't  come up alone? What will happen if there is another girl? What happens if someone starts to fall for this girl? The guys will have to deal with more changes and so will the girls. It's going to be a difficult dealing with everything trying and trying to get out the Maze. Also when they do make it out the maze, what's next? Why don't you sit back relax and join everyone on this wild adventure to escape the maze and everything W.I.C.K.E.D. has planned for them.

(Just to let you know this story takes place in the maze series and there are long chapters 1,000 words or more. Also some dialogue from the book is used)

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