Lucy Painful Heartbreak

Lucy Painful Heartbreak

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Lucy is kicked out of team Natus and replaced by Lisanna. She is bullied so badly she leaves Fairytail. Lucy wants revenge. Lucy now more powerful then Zefer. What will happen when she visits Fairytail again? Which guild will she join and is she going to ever love again.

First Fairytail Fanfiction ever. Please Read and comment!!!!!!!!

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Wtf Natsu! "Slut"??? You dimbo! Don't go saying words that you don't know the answer to!
GameNeutral GameNeutral Jun 03
They call me cry baby cry baby but I don't f****ng care cry baby crybaby I laugh through my tears :) Melanie Martinez came to my mind idk
XXxawexXX XXxawexXX Jan 30
I read the description and she gonna be stronger than... ZEREF! YEESS IM READY
Baitch~~ means E.N.D 
                              End means nastu  
                              Nastu means dog
                              Dog means baitch
- - Jan 24
Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. Love that song * starts to sing song *
Atakilok Atakilok Jan 23
What episode was it(in the video you put) when Lucy was being beat up by the giant thing